Asian Cooking Equipment

If you're running an Asian restaurant or you have plans to set up a brand new Asian eatery or takeaway in the near future, one of the most important things to get right is your commercial Asian cooking equipment. Read more…

When you choose to invest in top quality catering equipment and supplies, it means you can concentrate on creating mouth-watering dishes, safe in the knowledge that your equipment won't let you down.

Top Quality Asian Cooking Supplies

We have some of the best Chinese restaurant equipment available to buy online, and it's all at very competitive prices. Whether you're looking to buy woks, steamers or other Chinese cooking utensils for your restaurant, we're here to help. You can count on us to supply a wide range of quality equipment and utensils, whether you simply want to replace some of your existing equipment or you're looking to completely kit out a brand new restaurant.

We're one of the top suppliers of wholesale commercial cooking equipment to the trade, and have helped many Asian and Chinese restaurants to fully equip their kitchens.

Over the years we've built a reputation within the hospitality industry for providing not just a great range of reliable, functional and affordable Asian cooking supplies, but we're also known for our attention to detail when it comes to customer service.

No matter what kind of Asian-style commercial cooking equipment you need, we'll do our very best to supply it. Furthermore, as all our products are of excellent quality, you can be sure that when you invest in our cooking utensils, you'll be getting reliable equipment that won't let you down, no matter how hot it gets in your kitchen.

The Best Asian Cooking Equipment

As one of the leading Chinese Restaurant supplier in Australia, we offer a fantastic range of equipment at various price points to suit all budgets. Take our woks for example. Whether you're looking for classic iron round bottom woks with two handles or round bottom woks with a single wooden handle, we'll have what you need.

We also offer flat bottom stainless steel woks with an anatomically designed heat resistant stainless steel handle that are suitable for all types of stoves. Of course, our woks come in a variety of sizes too, ranging from 300mm in diameter to extra large 650mm diameter woks.

You'll also find that we stock a range of wok utensils, including traditional Chinese ladles and spatulas with wooden handles, which are made from top quality stainless steel. They're the perfect choice for any Asian chef who needs professional commercial Asian-style cooking equipment.

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If you'd like to know more about our range of professional cooking equipment for Asian and Chinese restaurants, get in touch with us now. Other relevant equipment that might interest you includes: Commercial Bakery Equipment, Modular Shelving System, Commercial Combi Ovens and Commercial Refrigerators. We're always available to discuss your needs and to give you advice on the best equipment for your restaurant or take-away. ...Hide Content

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