Commercial Drink Coolers

Australia is well known for being a country with a hot climate. Even Tasmania has had its share of days over 40 degrees. On those days where the mercury seems to be climbing ever higher as the day goes on, there is no sight more welcome than a sign advertising ice cold drinks.

As a business owner, you'll want to supply cold drinks to your customers, and Butler Equipment can help you achieve that goal by supplying high quality commercial drink coolers at affordable prices.

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Having your drinks on display is the best way to get them bought

Consumers buy with their eyes before they reach for their wallets, so having the brightly coloured labels of favourite beverage brands proudly on display is the best way to increase your sales.

When you have drinks that should be on display, a glass-fronted refrigeration unit is just what you need to combine efficient cooling with excellent visibility. Exactly which type you should get depends on where it's going and what it's for.

In a bar situation, for example, chilled drinks are normally kept behind the bar and these are served to the customer by the bartender.  This is in contrast to a normal retail environment (including a bottle shop), where customers normally expect to select the drinks directly from the refrigerator themselves and present them for payment at a checkout point.

It's usually best to have a compact refrigeration unit that is wider than it is tall when the refrigerator is used behind a bar. This product style makes it easy to fit on top of a bench or counter top, with all the beverages inside easily visible at a glance. One other major advantage is that this requires no bending or stretching to reach the contents, because everything inside is at about the same height.

These are features that will really be appreciated by anyone working a long shift behind the bar, as they make the job both safer and less tiring.

The retail unit is different. Here it is far more practical to have a unit that is taller than it is wide, in order to save floor space. Because the people accessing this aren't likely to be making repetitive movements, concerns about access are reduced.

Another unit type, usually found in restaurants, is a wine chiller. There are no specific rules about wine chillers except that they should have excellent temperature control and that the temperature should stay above the freezing point of water.

The right kind of fridges to put behind the bar

There are some excellent products available from Butler Equipment that are highly suitable for bar room use. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • F.E.D. BC4100G Four Door Drink Cooler. A simple and attractively designed unit with four glass doors providing excellent interior view. Each compartment can hold three levels of products. The interior has lighting and the doors are lockable. Also available in a 3 door version (BC3100G).
  • F.E.D SC316G Three Door Drink Cooler. Similar in design to the BC3100G, but the compressor unit is hidden away underneath instead of being adjacent to the doors. The purchase cost is much lower and the entire unit is more compact. There are also 2 door (SC248SD) and single door (SC148G) versions available.
  • F.E.D. SC316SG Three Door Drink Cooler. This is just like the SC316G, except that it is finished in stainless steel, plus it's about 10cm taller. There is also a 2 door version available (SC248SG).
  • Fagor Back Bar. This one comes with adjustable legs, so it's good for places that might not have been built perfectly level. It also has a drawer just above the compressor unit where accessories can be stored.

All commercial refrigeration equipment sold by Butler Equipment is of high quality, so you can buy with confidence. Our prices are excellent, too - and you won't find better deals.

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