Commercial Stainless Steel Splashbacks

At Butler Equipment, we offer a wide range of catering equipment so finding a stainless steel work bench that fits your exact needs is easy. The range of stainless splashback benches that we offer is of superior quality and offered at extremely affordable price points.

Whether you are in need of a bench with splashbacks for cookers, or commercial kitchen splashbacks with an adjustable bottom shelf, or even splashbacks for kitchens that fit into the corner of a room, you are sure to be find one that suits your particular space and configuration.

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Stainless Steel Workbench

For the Australian market, there is simply no other alternative to Butler Equipment for choosing a commercial splashback that delivers on all counts of quality and effectiveness.

So, why choose a stainless splashback over a regular counter made from wood or plastic?

Firstly, there are many hygienic advantages that come with these surfaces that would not be available with other materials.

  • The fact that the graded stainless steel cleans much more easily than other metals means that residual grease is not as readily left behind to fester into potential mildew problems and attract unwanted insects.
  • Investing in a stainless workbench will dramatically improve your chances of complying with food inspection laws and hygiene protocol.

Quality Commercial Kitchen Splashbacks

A steel workbench isn’t just more convenient for hygienic purposes. They represent great value for money too.

They’re available at a range of different price points, with the cheaper options starting at just $330. Whatever your budget, you can be sure that you’ll find a solution that aligns perfectly with your budget whilst ensuring that you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Whether you’re kitting out a commercial kitchen in a restaurant or hotel or you need a steel work bench to make things easier in a school or workplace setting, you will find something to cater for your needs here at Butler Equipment.

All benches are made for easy assembly, take down, and transportation. They come in all kinds of shapes and dimensions to ensure that our customers find it easy to get a stainless steel workbench to cater for their specific needs.

Splashbacks for Cookers

Certain models come with added features such as storage drawers etc. Whatever option you choose, all our benches are created with only the finest touches of industrial stainless steel.

Made of SUS304 grade steel, with a hairline finish lined with XPS board, these represent only the finest of industrial material for maximum durability and quality-controlled production.

The adjustable polished disc feet ensure that the stainless splashbacks will sit comfortably in any environment, including those with imbalanced floors.

In terms of quality, affordability and value for money provided, the cooker splashback and other stainless steel benches available from Butler Equipment represent a wonderful selection of high grade commercial benches.

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Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information on our specialised catering equipment. You can do so by calling 1800 225 215.

Butler Equipment also supplies asian cooking equipment, commercial food display cases, International Catering Equipment and industrial kitchen supplies.

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