Commercial Display Cases

Butler Equipment has been a leading supplier to the Australian catering and hospitality industries since 1979, and everyone knows they should come to us for industrial kitchen appliances.

What is a bit less widely known is that we also provide very high quality commercial display cases to allow you to put your goods on display.

You will find the same high quality in our display cases that you have come to expect from every product sold or supplied by Butler Equipment. And just as with our other fine quality goods, you can get the same great financing deals and the same excellent after sales service.

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People buy more when they can see what they're buying

It's simple psychology. Tell me how good your food is, and maybe I'll be interested. Show me how good it is, and how can I resist? When you put your food and drinks on display, they just automatically become more irresistible. Seeing is the first step toward craving, after all.

This is why buying a high quality display case is more of an investment than an expense. A small outlay that should yield excellent returns in the form of increased sales. Naturally, of course, your products must also be attractive to consumers, and you'll need to know your market. These display cases will, however, show your products to their best advantage.

Display hot bakery products the right way

Hot bakery products such as pastries and pies are comfort foods where warmth is the main selling point. Everything about the cooked product suggests this warmth. The golden flaky appearance, the faint wisp of steam, the careful way you need to handle the products as you bag them up for the customer... It's all part of a beautiful ritual that is enacted during the buying and selling of hot bakery goods.

Showing off your pies, pasties, sausage rolls, and whatever else is best done with a large heated glass display unit with interior lighting, such as the F.E.D PW-RT/660/TG Pie Warmer & Hot Food Display. This case is thermostatically controlled with temperature settings up to 110° C, and it has sliding glass doors for easy access to the products.

Most importantly, the case is a perfect size, measuring 660 x 440 x 655 mm. There are three tiers of shelving, and ample room to stock plenty of items and they'll have a beautiful warm glow thanks to the halogen downlights. There are even larger models available if you have the counter space to put them on.

Get more attention for your cakes and desserts

You can definitely catch the eye of people passing by if you put your cakes in a spin. That's just what you can do if you choose an RTW-108L Rotating Commercial Chilled Display. As you can see from the name, this one doesn't just spin your cakes around, it keeps them cool as well.

The temperature can be set to a range between 0° C and 12° C, and the digital readout on the temperature control display makes it easy to see exactly what the temperature is inside the display. To provide excellent lighting without addition heat, the system uses cleverly placed LED lights. It's a beautiful product with generous dimensions measuring 470 x 470 x 870 mm.

Cold drinks look so inviting when they're on display

We have many great display cases for stocking cold drinks. These include small counter top display units such as the Bromic CT0080G4W, all the way up to large floor standing units like the Anvil GDJ1261.

All these and a lot more are available at Butler Equipment

We have so many different kinds of display cases that describing them all would take all day. A much better way to get familiar with what we have to offer is to browse through the various categories on our website and see for yourself.

Take a moment to do just that, and when you are ready to order, you can buy right here online quickly and easily, direct from Butler Equipment.

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