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There could be no "comfort food" more easy to make and commercially successful than the humble toasted sandwich. Whether it is the classic toastie or some kind of fancy panini, everyone loves this simple and quick snack, which may almost be considered a universal snack food.

Every country has its own version of the toasted sandwich, and there are endless ways to make them. One thing we can all agree on is they always seem to be better when they're made with a professional contact toaster.

Also known as a sandwich press, the contact toaster has two heated plates that are brought together on either side of a sandwich, resulting in rapid toasting action. There is even heat distribution across the full surface on both sides of the sandwich. The degree to which the inner contents are heated depends on the duration of contact and the porosity of the bread.

Longer contact times and higher porosity results in greater heat transfer from the heating plate surface to the interior of the sandwich. What happens next depends on what kind of contents are in the middle of the sandwich.

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The press you use makes all the difference

Just as there are many varieties of sandwiches, there are also many varieties of contact toasters. While there are a few different points to ponder, the most important one will be how the plates are shaped and formed.

The majority of these toasters have smooth flat plates, but some may have ridges, some may have concave hollowed out sections, and some may even have special shapes or designs.

The type of plates will affect the appearance and properties of the sandwich produced, so the choices you make actually are quite important.

Making the perfect toasted sandwich

What better art could there be to learn? Sandwiches are hot stuff, and not just because we're toasting them. The advantage of the sandwich is that it's inexpensive, easy to prepare, and can earn serious profits. In cafés, it is one of the most frequently ordered non-sweet food items.

The key ingredient in all the very best toasted sandwiches is cheese. The most popular toasted sandwich of all is a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

The first step to the perfect sandwich is to use quality bread. It should be fresh, and it should be made from quality flour, preferably a high protein blend. This won't dry out as quickly, and gives a more satisfying texture to the bread as well.

You will find you get the best results from thick slices of bread than from thin slices. This way the bread surface is toasted but the bread retains a springy texture and doesn't get too crispy or dried out.

Be sure to have all your ingredients ready before getting ready to toast. An important step to getting a good result is to quickly toast the bread slices plain for a few seconds. It helps reduce the damage done by steam, which can make the interior facing side of the bread soggy.

If you are planning to add any butter to the bread, this would be the right time to do it, while the bread is still warm. And real butter is the best choice, naturally. Your customers will always know if you're substituting with margarine.

Next you can lay on your ingredients. These can be all kinds of things, but clearly the most popular is cheese. Popular additions include cooked rindless bacon, ham, tomatoes, pan-fried mushrooms, and sliced chilli. Try to keep ingredients inside the border of the sandwich.

Now make sure the toaster is good and hot because rapid heat transfer is what helps delay sogginess, which is what we should try to avoid to the best of our ability.

Now put the sandwich in and press for the manufacturer's recommended duration, or until the sandwich takes on a cooked appearance and aroma. Remove from toaster and serve immediately.

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