Commercial Glasswashers & Dishwashers

We offer an excellent range of commercial dishwashers at excellent prices, including the very popular Washtec & Norris dishwashers.

No matter how big or small your business, whether you require a commercial pass through a dishwasher or a small glasswasher, you'll find the perfect piece of equipment for you amongst our collection of dishwashing and glasswashing machines.

Some of our pass through dishwashers incorporate features so that they will function efficiently in Australian conditions, and can easily convert from left to right-hand entry to neatly fit neatly into the space available.


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One of the toughest tasks in a commercial kitchen is keeping the dishes, glasses, pots and pans clean and ready for use whenever needed. The range of high quality commercial dishwasher and commercial glasswasher appliances available from Butler Equipment will make light work of this task for you, so you staff can turn out dishes as fast as the customers can order them.


The Very Best Brands for A Commercial Dishwasher in Australia

Our priority at Butler Equipment is to stock everything needed for successfully running a commercial kitchen. As a result, we only trade with brands that we trust and recommend. This range includes the best selling brand of commercial dishwasher in Australia. Norris dishwashers are legendary for their superior performance, quality engineering, and dependability.

We are also a commercial dishwasher supplier for the Norris and Washtec brands. All of the brands we sell have been extensively tested and evaluated against strict criteria to determine their suitability for use in an Australian commercial kitchen.


Why You Should Consider Investing in A Dedicated Glasswasher

The great thing about our dishwashers is they can clean glasses just as well as any other type of dishes, but they still don't get the same performance that you will see from a dedicated glass washer. Choosing a commercial glasswasher in Australia is recommended for those businesses which make extensive use of high quality glassware, or really any business that cares about ensuring serving beverages in clean glassware.

A glass washer is specially engineered for providing optimal results in the cleaning of glassware. This means better cleaning and more safety for delicate glasses. Butler Equipment is your number one commercial glasswasher supplier, with the best range and many excellent value choices.


Under Counter Dishwashers and Glass Washers

For most kitchens, the standard models of our dishwashers and glass washers are the best choice because they have a high capacity, allowing you to keep clean dishes flowing from the kitchen without missing a beat. Some kitchens only have limited floor space, however, and for these kitchens the under counter dishwashers and glass washers are the best solution.

While they'll usually have a lower capacity than their bigger siblings, these units don't lose anything in the way of performance. They will still give your dishes a fantastic clean.


Excellent Warranty Terms On Every Machine

Because we stock only the very best brands, breakdowns are rare. Nonetheless, the possibility still exists. We've never actually seen one of these machines break down within the warranty period, but it's good to know you're covered anyway.

This warranty, which ranges from one to five years (depending on the brand and model chosen), means you can buy with confidence, knowing we will repair your machine if it breaks down during the warranty period. Even beyond that time, we provide great after sales service, and can provide assistance if your machine should ever stop working for any reason. We have an excellent collection of commercial dishwashers & glasswashers including Norris dishwashers.


Easy Financing Available

If you want to add one of these machines to your kitchen, but your cash flow position isn't completely comfortable, don't despair. We provide financing to help you get the items you require without needing to have the cash upfront.


Call Butler Equipment for More Information

We can tell you everything you need to know about your commercial kitchen equipment, including dishwashers and glass washers along with a large variety of other commercial kitchen appliances, Commercial RefrigerationBlast Chiller, Comi Steam Oven, fixtures and fittings.

If you are ready to boost the productivity of your kitchen, we are ready to help. Give us a call or drop an email in our inbox and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.


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