Commercial Dough Sheeters for Sale

Forget about the hard work of rolling dough by hand. Sheeting dough by hand is too labour-intensive for a busy commercial baking environment. A commercial dough sheeter makes light work of what was once a time-consuming chore. 

Before you commit to buying a dough sheeter online, you need to be sure you understand what the requirements are for an ideal dough roller sheeter.

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Dough Rolling Machines

Buying an inferior dough sheeter can lead to disappointing results, as you may have to spend more time working on the machine, and the quality of your products may also suffer.

What you Need to Know About Dough Sheeters

The most critical parts of a dough sheeter are the belt and the rollers. Electric motors control these moving parts, and the quality of the electric motors is also a very important factor.  A low quality motor may not provide the best performance consistently, or it may be more prone to breaking down. 

High quality electric motors have better built-in circuit protection and are built from quality components.

Buying A Dough Sheeter Online

Some other things to think about include:

  • Does the machine have a fixed speed or is variable speed available?
  • Is the input voltage close to the supply voltage, or will you need a transformer?
  • Are the rollers adjustable and by how much?
  • What material is the belt made from?
  • Will the belt be easy to clean?
  • Will the belt be costly to replace?
  • Is the belt durable?
  • Is the machine safe and easy to operate?

Pizza, Pasta & Dough Rolling Machines

Butler Equipment stocks the best dough sheeter for sale – the Mecnosud SB500P-50 (PSM0570) Benchtop Pastry Sheeter.

  • This exceptionally versatile dough rolling machine, with its 50cm wide rollers, is capable of being put to use in all kinds of ways, as a pastry roller machine, pizza roller machine, or pie dough sheeter.
  • Most importantly, this high quality Italian-made machine provides positive answers to all the essential questions. The input voltage is 230v, meaning you don't need a transformer to operate it in Australia or New Zealand (some other products may have input voltages as high as 400v or even more).
  • It provides variable speed operation, and has adjustable rollers. The belt is durable and easy to clean. The machine is very safe and easy to use.

Enquire About Your New Commercial Dough Rolling Machine Today

To operate the machine, you simply move the handle at the side to set the roller height, and then lock it into place using the screw pin (this is very easy, no major effort is required). Then press the green start button and the motor will start up. Place some dough onto the belt and then use the forward and reverse switch to move the dough back and forth through the rollers until it is at the desired consistency.

To stop the machine, you simply press the red stop button and the motor will power down.

Dough Sheeters from Butler Equipment

For more information on our range of dough sheeters or any of our other commercial kitchen catering equipment machines, be sure to get in touch with us today. 

Butler Equipment also supplies asian cooking equipment, commercial food display cases, International Catering Equipment and industrial kitchen supplies.

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