Moffat Bakery Equipment

When it comes to making quality commercial catering equipment, Moffat manufacture some of the most robust and long-lasting products on the market. From bakery equipment to dishwashers, Moffat commercial kitchen equipment is an excellent choice for any commercial catering establishment. Read more…

Moffat Kitchen Equipment

Not only are all their products easy to operate, but Moffat catering equipment is well-made, reliable and will last for years. They’re a company that’s invested both time and money into ensuring that each of their products is both innovative and top quality.

So whether you choose to buy a Moffat Washtec commercial dishwasher or a Moffat cooking equipment, Waldorf, Convotherm, Blue Seal, Turbofan, Fastfri or Cobra ranges you can be sure that you’ll get a piece of equipment that’s not only up to the job at hand, but which will make the whole process of commercial catering so much easier.

Moffat Kitchen Appliances

As a leading catering equipment manufacturer, they’ve certainly got an excellent reputation for supplying some of the best kitchen equipment around, and that’s why here at Butler Equipment, we’ve chosen to stock Moffat equipment in our online store.

Whether you want Moffat food equipment or Moffat bakery equipment, you’ll see that we offer great prices on all our stock, and that each and every product can be delivered direct to your premises, wherever you are in Australia.

When it comes to professional ovens, a Moffat combi oven is a great choice for all kinds of kitchens. Whether you choose a basic Moffat combi oven that offers the options of convection, steam and combi cooking or you choose a 10-tray version, you’ll get the same even cooking results.

Moffat Bakery Equipment

Moffat kitchen appliances are a great choice for any kind of catering establishment, and they’re an even better option when you consider that we always have a good selection in stock at prices that can’t be beaten.

So if you’re planning to buy new commercial catering equipment for your kitchen, isn’t it time that you checked out what we have on offer here at Butler Equipment?

You’ll see that we offer both brand new commercial kitchen equipment and some refurbished items too. And if you’d rather rent than buy, we have some excellent deals available on rentals. All our items are delivered direct to your door, and we think we have some of the best prices available for commercial kitchen supplies online.

To find out more about our range of Moffat kitchen equipment or indeed any of our branded products, you can call our customer service team on 1800 225 215.

Moffat Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Less

They’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you may have, give you any advice you may need, or take your order. We’ve built a reputation on the quality of our products and our customer service, so isn’t it time you found out for yourself why we’re one of the leading suppliers of Moffat catering equipment in Australia?

Butler Equipment only supplies the best, most reliable brands. View our range of Anvil catering equipment, Robot Coupe catering equipment, Moffat catering equipment, Hamilton Beach catering equipment and Williams Refridgeration commercial fridges.

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