Commercial Soft Serve Machines

Have you ever wondered how soft ice cream came into being?

The current commercial soft serve machine has been developed from an accidental deviation from the traditional ice cream. According to Wikipedia, there are two known claims to soft serve ice cream’s origin. The most popular is one was claimed by a man called Tom Carvel, founder of the Carvel brand.

In 1934 his broken down ice cream truck forced him to sell softer melted frozen ice cream and it was such a surprising success that he developed the technique to create the softer ice-creams that we know and love today. The second claim is by world famous ice cream maker Dairy Queen’s J.F. McCullough and his son Alex, who developed their own formula in 1938.

Surprisingly, former UK Prime Minister Margret Thatcher also weighed in on the claims, stating that in the early 1940s while working as a chemist for now-famous ice cream makers J. Lyon, and in collaboration with their US distributor Mister Softee, they had developed a soft-serve ice cream recipe.

Whoever it was that developed the original formula, its popularity has continued to increase through the decades, making it a compelling reason for you to invest in a soft-serve machine for your establishment.

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The Machine That Gives You Soft-Served Ice Cream

Soft serve machines were developed after the accidental discovery of this fluffy variation of ice cream in the 1930s. A soft-serve ice cream is basically a traditional ice cream mixture that has had air introduced to it and is frozen at higher temperatures, giving it a softer and fluffier effect.

This effect is achieved by introducing air to the ice cream mixture before it can freeze and crystallise. A traditional ice cream mix is frozen at 30°F or -1.1 °C, while soft-serve is frozen at 25°F or -3.8°C. A soft-serve ice cream machine simply maintains and dispenses ice cream mix at a non-crystalline and non-frozen state. To obtain multiple flavours, different hoppers are added that allow you to mix and serve only one flavour, or several flavours at the same time.

As you can imagine, having a soft-serve ice cream machine is a nice addition to your catering establishment that will soon prove to be very popular with your customers.

Suitable for Various Establishments

Commercial soft serve machines come in a variety of sizes, including countertop models and floor models. They are stand alone units that can be placed conveniently to whip up your soft serve ice-cream as a delicious dessert, or a simple treat.

Most people enjoy ice cream, either as a treat on a hot day, or as a dessert. Having various flavours to suit every palate adds to its attraction as a delectable food item. As it is warmer than regular ice cream, it is also suitable for various occasions and temperatures.

Having a soft serve ice cream machine in your establishment will enable you to offer your customers one of the most popular types of ice cream on the market today.

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