Stainless Steel Catering Trolley

When you are looking to buy a kitchen trolley online, you need look no further than Butler Equipment. We have been in the hospitality supply business since 1979, and our industry experience means we know a good stainless steel catering trolley when we see one.

What it means for you, as a buyer, is that you can trust Butler Equipment to help you buy a kitchen trolley that meets your needs perfectly.

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Why choose a stainless steel kitchen trolley?

This is important, because there are many different kinds of trolleys and many different kinds of kitchens. There's no one-size-fits all kitchen trolley cart that will suit every kitchen type. Choosing the right one is the best way to ensure your team can operate at peak efficiency.

Because a stainless steel trolley is going to give you the best value in terms of durability and strength compared to what you pay for it. Stainless steel does not rust or deteriorate; it’s easy to keep clean, and looks professional.

In a commercial environment, stainless steel is the best choice.

Stainless Steel Trolley Carts

The primary characteristics of a quality catering trolley are:

  • Good mobility
  • Strong construction
  • Aesthetic and professional appearance
  • Lack of faults

Kitchen Storage Trolley

Even a small kitchen trolley should be fitted with castor brakes. All trolleys should have smooth motion, be easy to hold and push, and should not rattle or have problems with wheels sticking. The kitchen storage trolley is a special case, as in addition to being mobile; it also needs to have deeper trays for holding items.

The normal trolley is better to have less deep trays or even just simple shelves, so the items are easy to remove from the trolley. Kitchen storage, on the other hand, isn't about easy access, but about protecting the items being stored.

Quality Stainless Steel Trolleys

  • Our STB-2 stainless steel trolley is an excellent choice for kitchen storage, with the ability to hold up to 150kg and easy to operate castor brakes.
  • For catering service, the SST-3 comes with three nicely spaced shelves and is highly manoeuvrable, so you can navigate through narrow corridors easily and get things to where they need to be. The elegant stainless steel finish also helps to create a good impression.
  • The SST-2 is a good budget-friendly choice. It has only two shelves and is shorter than the SST-3, but there is more spacing between the shelves, so you can carry larger items on the bottom shelf if necessary.
  • For those situations where you need adjustable shelving or to move a lot of items, the 165cm high SS16 mobile gastronorm trolley fits the bill perfectly. It is designed to hold up to 18 individual standard gastronorm trays. The multiple brace points make the frame extra strong, despite its large size.

Butler Equipment also supplies asian cooking equipment, commercial food display cases, International Catering Equipment and industrial kitchen supplies.

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